Dive Into Floral Art: Uncover Your Creative Potential with Our Floristry Courses

Dive Into Floral Art: Uncover Your Creative Potential with Our Floristry Courses

Floristry is more than just arranging flowers; it's a way of expressing creativity, emotion, and beauty. Whether you're new to the game or looking to take your skills to the next level, our floristry courses are designed to spark creativity and passion in everyone. Here's a look at what we offer, explained in simple British English for easy understanding.

 Beginner Floristry Course: A Week to Kickstart Your Floral Journey

Fancy getting started with floristry? Our Beginner Floristry Course is just the ticket. Over 5 days and 20 hours, we'll cover everything from the basics of flower care to creating your first floral masterpiece. Here’s a peek at what you’ll learn:

- Day 1: Getting to Know Flowers: We'll start with the basics – different types of flowers, how to look after them, and the tools you'll need.

- Day 2: The Art of Arranging: Dive into the principles of design – color, texture, and putting it all together.

- Day 3: Bouquets and Posies: Learn to make hand-held beauties that are sure to impress.

- Day 4: Event Floristry: Get a taste of creating arrangements for special occasions.

- Day 5: Creative Project: Put all you've learned to the test with a final project.

At a special offer of just £800, it’s the perfect chance to dip your toes into the floral world.

 Professional Floristry Course: Elevate Your Skills

Ready to take things up a notch? Our 2-week Professional Floristry Course is aimed at those who've got the basics down and are itching to explore more complex designs and techniques. Here’s what’s in store:

- Advanced Design Techniques: Learn to craft sophisticated arrangements for every occasion.

- Market Visit: A trip to the New Covent Garden Flower Market to learn about selecting the best blooms.

- Event Floristry: Dive deeper into creating stunning setups for weddings and events.

- Creative Freedom: Put your personal style to the test with unique design challenges.

This intensive course is perfect for anyone looking to make a mark in the floristry world.

 Five-Day Intensive Wedding Floral Design Course

Dream of dazzling at weddings with your floral designs? Our Five-Day Intensive Wedding Floral Design Course covers everything from bouquets to arches. Each day focuses on a different aspect of wedding floristry:

- Day 1: Foundations and Bouquets: Start with the basics and move on to creating beautiful bridal bouquets.

- Day 2: Buttonholes and Personal Florals: Master the art of small arrangements that make a big impact.

- Day 3: Table Arrangements: Learn to design centerpieces that capture the essence of the celebration.

- Day 4: Floral Arches: Tackle larger structural pieces that serve as ceremony and reception highlights.

- Day 5: Final Project: Showcase what you've learned with a final project and receive your certificate.

This workshop is ideal for anyone passionate about making wedding days extra special with the touch of nature.

 Why Choose Our Courses?

- Expert Instructors: Learn from the best in the biz.

- Hands-On Experience: Get stuck in from day one with practical lessons and projects.

- Creative Environment: Join a community of like-minded floral enthusiasts.

Whether you're eyeing a career in floristry, keen to spruce up your hobby, or just in search of a creative outlet, our courses offer something for everyone. Spaces are limited, so be sure to book your spot and start your journey into the enchanting world of floral design.

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