Floral Gifts for Every Occasion: Their Meanings and Implications

Is there a timeless and heartfelt gift that can effortlessly strike at the heart of any recipient? Our answer is yes! With their resplendent colours, delicate buds, and enchanting fragrances, flowers are an all-time favourite present for expressing various emotions and sentiments. So, whenever you are in need of stunning versatility, make sure to order flower delivery on Flowwow to receive a garden-fresh, eye-catching bouquet. Now, let’s decipher the symbolism of these floral presents and discover the perfect blooms for every occasion!


The Meaning of Flower Gifts

Flower gifts possess a language all their own, as each bloom carries one-of-a-kind symbolism, allowing us to convey any feelings and intentions without uttering a single word. The act of flower-giving goes beyond an exchange of presents; it’s rooted deep in our history, serving as a tradition with countless implications.

Tradition and Emotional Impact of Flower Giving

Dating back centuries, flower-giving transcends cultures and countries. Believed to have been initiated in ancient Greece, this custom is an amazing way to captivate one’s heart, evoke sincere emotions, and send a powerful message about the giver’s genuine feelings.

Different Feelings and Emotions Conveyed by Colours on Different Occasions

Having a particular connotation, each shade plays a specific role in the world of flower symbolism. As such, red varieties denote love and deep desire, making them perfect for romantic anniversaries. In contrast, yellow flowers represent platonic friendship and happiness, which are ideal for birthdays and other joyful celebrations.

When Can I Give Bouquets?

Birthday Flowers

A time of contentment and joy, a birthday is a special day, which is best commemorated with a vibrant bouquet of the birthday person’s beloved flowers. An amazing idea is to match the composition’s meaning and the recipient’s energy: radiant sunflowers for enthusiasm, lilies for elegance, or peonies for beauty.

Popular Colour Options and Their Symbolic Meaning

As each hue matters in symbolism, it’s best to choose your surprise flowers carefully. Learn the connotations of these popular shades here:

  1. Red stands for passionate love, signifying a strong romantic attachment and an everlasting bond.
  2. Yellow demonstrates devoted friendship, as well as the joy of knowing someone so closely.
  3. Pink serves as a symbol of admiration and gratitude, conveying one’s tender affection.
  4. Purple represents royalty and admiration, ideal for denoting one’s respect and wishes for a wealthy life.
  5. White carries the meanings of innocence and virtue, fitting for any occasion celebrating a new chapter in someone’s life.

Flowers for Anniversaries

Marking significant milestones, this delightful occasion almost always calls for an astonishing flower gift. Let’s discover some of the flawless choices for anniversary celebrations.

The Meaning of Flowers in the Celebration of Anniversaries

Carrying a certain meaning, flowers add depth to your present and make it exceptionally memorable. Roses, the staple of eternal love, carry the message of romance and enduring affection. Lilies are all about beauty and innocence, embodying the elegance and grace that mark a milestone year. Alluring and sophisticated orchids manifest wealth and resilience, perfect for honouring a lasting partnership.

Traditional Values Associated with Certain Years

When choosing flowers, take the time to consider the anniversary year. On the 1st anniversary, vibrant carnations are traditionally gifted as a token of youthful and ardent love. As the 5th anniversary approaches, daisies are ideal to state the relationship’s innocence and loyalty. After a decade together, ensure to find a composition with enchanting daffodils, signifying strength and eternal love. For a 25-year journey, irises are given to capture the enduring commitment. Finally, on the 50th anniversary, a grand arrangement of golden-yellow roses stands as a testament to the precious and everlasting bond forged over five decades.

Flowers for Romantic Occasions

For an extra dash of magic and passion, consider red roses, the ultimate symbol of devotion and desire. To hint at your partner’s outstanding beauty, there’s nothing better than the tropical calla lilies, while tulips will tell about the perfect, unconditional love. Don’t forget about the lovely peonies, a token of tender, everlasting attraction to each other.

Flowers for Special Celebrations

Be it a graduation, a promotion, or a housewarming party, flowers can undoubtedly serve as a gesture of genuine good wishes. For new beginnings, choose lilies or daffodils; go for dahlias to capture the excitement of new changes in life. To wish the recipient wealth and prosperity, choose hydrangeas, orchids, or alstroemerias. 

Flowers to Express Sympathy and Condolences

In times of grief, floral compositions offer solace and comfort. White lilies are commonly associated with funerals and represent purity and the restored innocence of the departed soul. Traditions vary from one culture to another: in Japan, white chrysanthemums denote loyalty and honour, while the vivid red hues of carnations and the powerful name of forget-me-nots demonstrate devotedness and sincere support.


Which flowers are best for an anniversary?

When it comes to anniversaries, a classic choice is an exquisite rose, the ‘top pick’ of the bunch for celebrating love and commitment. For a more unique feel, turn to asters, the symbols of wisdom and beauty. To add an exotic touch, go for calla lilies, luxurious and elegant tropical flowers. 

What is the best flower gift to give to someone?

While the final choice depends on individual preferences, the most versatile present is a gorgeous sunflower, known to bring joy with its sun-like, cheerful appearance.

What flowers make people the happiest?

The one flower widely known for its merry nature is the iconic daisy. Similarly, sunflowers, tulips, and daffodils are bound to have anyone jumping for joy.

What flowers are for luck and love?

The answer is peonies: their captivating pastel shades speak of passion and love, while ample blooms attract fortune and luck.

What is the luckiest flower?

The luckiest floral symbol may be the golden chrysanthemum, a token of good fortune and lifelong prosperity.

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